Samples of my writing for Gardein

I created the tagline — ‘Deliciously Meat-Free’ — as part of a larger branding and positioning exercise for Gardein’s product launch.

I created the Gardein ‘brand statement’, which reads:

Gardein brings award-winning taste to all your meatless meals, whether it’s dinner, snacks or special occasions. Lovingly created by our dedicated chefs – the center of your plate is the center of our world.

I wrote product descriptions, and promotions, for all of Gardein’s 30+ vegan food product range, which appear on packaging and promotions across all marketing channels.

I created numerous social media posts for Gardein’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts on a monthly basis. Here is a very small representative selection:

I provided copy (and copy ideas) for every element of every product during Gardein’s packaging redesign and relaunch, of its 30+ product range. (Although the product descriptions became watered down considerably.) Here are a few representative examples: