Some samples of my copywriting work for a prestigious London arts club

The ‘Concierge Club’ was an arts club, created and developed by a group of boutique hotels, in partnership with leading London arts institutions such as the ICA, Victoria & Albert Museum, The Photographers Gallery and Tate Galleries.

The Concierge Club members’ booklet was sent as part of a welcome package to new members, and acted as a ‘first contact’ between new members and the club’s brand voice.

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At launch, membership of the Concierge Club was promoted on the Guest Hotels website. Here is the full text of the online sales page I wrote to introduce the club and attract its first members.

This is how the sales letter appeared on the website.

The members’ monthly newsletter was distributed by physical mail, and contained all the coming month’s offers: all the offers in this letter were snatched up within hours of the morning delivery of the first day.